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About Us


Serving millions of visitors for more than 15 years, BBY & 5dollarfashions is an online community for real women who want to look great and feel great. What does that mean? It means our business revolves around empowering women and making them feel comfortable in their own skin.

We strive to help women in their quest to embrace their identities by providing products that add value to their lives.

We believe that each woman has the tools to confidently forge her own unique path—we’re just here to provide a helping hand.

Our Roots

BBY & 5dollarfashions is owned and operated by DD Digital Media Inc., a far-reaching and rapidly expanding buyer and wholesaler of quality name products. Our international team of buyers around the globe work tirelessly to find the brand and styles you love.

Our unique business model allows us to offer affordable fashion to women across a spectrum of backgrounds, all over the world. This state-of-the-art distribution system allows us to save millions of dollars. We then pass those savings on to our customers.

Our Mission

When you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes, your entire attitude will follow suit. We go far beyond providing trendy, sexy, and glam fashion for women of all ages.

At Be the Best You, you can truly take a complete approach to your wardrobe. You’ll be able to spend money on the things that matter to you, without expending too much time, energy, or money.

For more information about the most rewarding shopping experience on the Internet, please contact us today.