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The Little Black Dress

Every fashionista knows how important it is to have a LBD (little black dress). This is the quintessential fashion item, a dress that you can wear just about anywhere and always be the classiest woman in the room. And if your closet contains a sexy LBD or two, you’ll always have a winning date night look at the ready! Every girl knows you can’t get enough LBDs.

Here at BBY, we want every woman to feel beautiful and confident every time she gets dressed. So whether you’re hitting the clubs with your squad, going out on a first date, or going to the office Holiday party, we want to help you find the LBD that makes you feel like a star.

Off Shoulder Sheer Black Dress (7-11)

$70.00 $14.25

Every girl needs a sexy little black dress, WHY not this one?! This elegant sheer long sleeve off shoulder bodycon features a cris cross design on the front and sides. The design gives this dress a new level of sexy yet elegance. Perfect for any occasion...

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